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Lye Soap - 6.0 oz Bar
Acne Bar for Normal Skin - 4.0 oz Bar
Acne Bar for Oily Skin - 4.0 oz Bar
Don't Bug Me Bar - 2.15 oz bar
Pet Bar for Sensitive Skinned Pets- 4.0 oz Bar
Poison Ivy Bar W/Jewelweed - 2.15 oz bar
Great "pick-me-up" after a hard workout! Leaves skin squeaky clean and silky smooth. No detergents or chemicals to irritate skin.
Great "pick-me-up" after a hard workout! Leaves skin squeaky clean and silky smooth. No detergents or chemicals to irritate skin.
Non-greasy Lip Soother for soft, kissable lips. SPF 15.

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“It is wonderful and I love the product. Just wanted to let you know”
(A. Rusnak)

“My Mother gave me a bar of Grandma’s Lye Soap. This has changed my life.”
(B. Gregory - Columbia, SC)

“I purchased your product at a local store and began to use it daily. I am a believer in your product!”
(B. Chapman - Ashdown, AR)

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